Bell Works: Possibly the Coolest Office Building in New Jersey?

Bell Works is one of the most iconic and easily recognizable buildings in Monmouth County, and possibly all of New Jersey. Over the last few years, the building has undergone major renovations and has been reborn almost as a city unto itself, with work space, living space, recreational space, a library, restaurants, and our own Holmdel Montessori School!

When the Eero Saarinen-designed Bell Labs Holmdel Complex building closed a decade ago, many saw it as the end of an era. The building had been operated for over four decades as a research and development facility, first for the Bell System and later for Bell Labs.

Inside Bell Works
Photo credit: recently showcased the Bell Works Complex, highlighting it’s new role as a town center, a city within a city. Is Bell Works possibly the coolest building in New Jersey?

The Bell Works building has been the site of many modern innovations  at least one Nobel Prize discovery. he complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017

This modernist structure once served as home to over 6,000 engineers and researchers. It was once dubbed, “The Biggest Mirror Ever,” by Architectural Forum, due to its mirror-box exterior.  

The Holmdel Library
The Holmdel Library, source: BellWorks Instagram

The current, renovated, and bustling Bell Works has been described as a “metroburb,” and is home to thriving businesses, restaurants, a gym, the Holmdel Branch of the Monmouth County Library, and our school: located right next to the library.

Holmdel Montessori School might be the coolest preschool is the coolest building in New Jersey!