The music materials provide a vehicle for self-expression, self-understanding, self-confidence, creative problem solving and motivation. Children create their own rhythms and incorporate music into other areas of the classroom. The music program is an exciting and fun curriculum taught by professional music teachers. Through singing, movement, speaking, body sound rhythms, playing simple melody instruments and percussion instruments with music scores and improvisation, children learn the love and joys of music. Music programs will be provided for all the children at the Manalapan Montessori in addition to the regularly scheduled classes and various solo instrumental classes will also be offered throughout the year.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program gives children the opportunity to learn cooperative games and basic sports in a fun and interactive atmosphere. Positive encouragement, teamwork, problem solving, good sportsmanship, and physical exercise are key components in our Physical Education program as well as continuing to practice self-respect and respect for one another.


Our art activities for kids are fun and educational. Arts and crafts activities improve children’s hand-eye coordination as well as their fine motor skills. These activities will keep them busy and seeing the end result of all their hard work will give the kids a sense of accomplishment. Art can do wonders to their confidence!

Foreign Languages

Young children are uniquely suited to learning a second language. The developing brain is hard-wired to acquire language – never again will it be this natural or this easy! Foreign language lessons are offered to our primary class children in our foreign language program. Taught by experienced teachers, your child will learn a foreign language in a fun and interactive environment. Learning a foreign language will help prepare your child for the future as the world becomes more globally connected.